Tamnanpar Resort Rayong

Tamnanpar Resort

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Last updated on October 3rd, 2017 at 08:50 pm

If you've ever been to Koh Samet, you will most likely have taken a boat from Ban Phe in order to get to there. Situated less than 10 minutes away form Ban Phe, just off Sukumvit Road is Tamnanpar Resort. 

Tamnanpar Rayong

Set in 120 acres of lush tropical forest,  Tamananpar Resort comprises of a sprawling resort style hotel, water park, natural spa, and restaurant. 

If you're kids are small and you want to avoid the hefty price tag of the bigger water parks in the area such as Ramayana, then the water park at Tamnanpar is a great choice.

Tamnanpar Water Park

To get to from the car park to the water park entrance you will need to take the shuttle bus to the entrance (you'll be asked by the guard in the car park), once on board its only a short journey through the resort to the water park at the far side. At the entrance you can pay at the small shop and receive your wristband to show that you have paid, the entrance fee is a reasonable 200bht or 100bht for children under 100cm and there is no Thai price/Farang Price.

Source: http://www.tamnanpar-rayong.comCompared to the water parks in Pattaya (Ramanyana, Cartoon Network), the park is on a much smaller scale and caters for younger children. The layout consists of a large pool area, separated by walls into four different depth pools. At the far side of the pool area is a large tree like structure that houses three of the four slides at the park. In keeping with the eco-friendly theme of the resort itself, the restaurant and bar adjacent to the water park has been lovingly crafted from hardwood, it's sprawling layout meanders down to the edge of a lake, where you can enjoy a freshly made smoothie (or even a beer or two).  


Tamnanpar RestaurantRain Forest Restaurant at Night

Set under the canopy of the surrounding trees, the main restaurant at Tamnanpar Resort feels like stepping into another world. From the main car park, a winding path leads you through the forest, past a series of pools and waterfalls, all stocked with a number of large fish (watch out for the Arapaima).  Upon entering the restaurant, you can't help but notice how natural and inviting the place feels, despite its grand scale. The menu consists of a mixture of Thai and western food, including imported steaks from the USA, however like many places in Rayong, where Tamnanpar excels is its fresh local seafood.  






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