Swiss Sheep Farm, Silverlake, Pattaya

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Situated near the Silverlake Vinyard near Pattaya, the Swiss Sheep farm is one of many petting farms in the area, and is probably the largest. Asian culture can be a little selfie obsessed and many attractions are eager to cater for this, rather than being a working farm, you might want to think of Swiss Sheep Farm as a series of selfie opportunities with some small animals thrown in. At 180 baht per adult, and free entry for small children under 105cm, it is certainly worth a visit if you have young family.

As you enter through the gate there are a number of large open pens, with sheep, goats, miniature horses, and donkeys. All the animals seem well cared for and a nominal fee you can purchase food for the children to feed the animals. Moving further into the park there is a small Tuscan style courtyard with a fountain, surrounded by a number of buildings that contain small shops and a restaurants and even a small hotel. At you exit the Tuscan style area (to the right), adjacent to an old dodge pick up is an easily missed room filled with incredibly detailed sculptures of Transformers and various other robot film characters.

The rest of the park is filled filled with a series of follies that provide interesting family photo opportunities, highlights include a 30ft Pinocchio statue, a Halloween themed graveyard with giant pumpkins, and a frontier style farmhouse. In addition to this, the farm is littered with a number of classic vehicles and petrolhead memorabilia, all in various states of repair, most notably, a number of post war era Ford pick ups, definitely worth checking out if you like a bit of good old american muscle. 

Location Map


Phone: 099 123 4134


Daily Opening Times: 9am - 7pm 


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