Rayong Adventure Park Entrance

Rayong Adventure Park (Closed) – Check out our other water park reviews at the bottom of the page!

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Last updated on October 3rd, 2018 at 08:08 am

Rayong Adventure Park is Permanently Closed

Getting To Rayong Adventure Park

Rayong Adventure Park is a blow up, Total Wipeout style water park situated in the heart of Rayong, opposite the Central Plaza shopping mall. 

Finding the entrance can be quite tricky as it's not well signposted, and if you miss it you have to go all the way around the junction on to the opposite side of the road and do a u-turn at the next available place on the highway.  Heading toward Ban Phe on Highyway 36 you will come to an overpass opposite Central Plaza Shopping Mall, at the start of the overpass is a slip road on the left hand side. Entering the slip road you will see a beat up old car being used as a sign on a business forecourt, the entrance to the park is immediately after the beat up old car.

The entry fee is a flat 200bht per person, with younger children entering for free. As far as we could tell there was no price difference for Farang or Thai.

Rayong Adventure Park Water Park, Kids Boating Pool

Inside Rayong Adventure Park

Once inside, there are numerous large blow up water slides and large pools, each providing it's own challenge or theme.

Nearer the entrance there are a number of smaller attractions dedicated to smaller children, such as a boating pool and a water themed climbing frame. Further into the park, there are several attractions dedicated to older children and adults, ranging from large blow up water slides to assault course and race themed slides. Perhaps the best feature of the park is a giant water assault course, the challenge being to make your way over the various inflatable obstacles without falling in the water, if you've ever seen Ninja Warrior or Total Wipeout, you'll get the idea. The course is quite difficult and provides hours of entertainment watching challengers plummet into the cold pool below.

Rayong Adventure Park Water Park Tiger Slide

Things You Should Know Before you go

  • The large changing rooms were clean and well maintained but had no specific changing areas, they did however, have plenty of shower cubicles to change in.
  • There seems to be very little thought or effort put into the floor surface of the entire park. The entire floor area of the park has been covered with rolls of imitation turf, the surface was unbearably hot and not to mention extremely uneven underfoot in places. Sandals or water shoes are strongly recommended.
  • Don't expect the same level of health and safety as you would in the west, the climb up to some of the larger slides gets your heart pumping faster than coming down the slide itself. For some its all part of the thrill but it's certainly not for the faint hearted.

Other Rayong Water Parks

There are a number of other water parks in Rayong and the surrounding area;

  1. Ramayana Water Park, Pattaya - Great for older kids as well as a huge area for younger kids
  2. Tamnanpar Water Park,Ban Phe - Great day out for younger kids and the rain forest restaurant is awesome!

Rayong Adventure Park Location Map

Rayong Adventure Park Entry Fees & Opening Times

  • Entry: 200 baht per person (younger children free)
  • Phone: 063 861 0379
  • Opening Times:
    • Weekdays: 11am - 8pm
    • Weekends: 10am - 8pm
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