Phayun Beach, Ban Chang

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There are three main beaches in Rayong, Phayun Beach could be described as the middle beach. As you drive onto the beachfront from the main road you can either turn left or right at the T-junction.

Turning right there are a number of small restaurants situated on the beach, set against the backdrop of the former Milford hotel (now appartments).

Turning left there are a number of small restaurants and drinks stands lining the roadside, that at the time of writing are being given somewhat of a face lift. At the far end of the road is a small car park and a small river estuary. Here, you can cross the river via a footbridge (currently being made to look like a large dragon) to an impressive looking Chinese Temple.

The beach itself is sat below a 3-4ft concrete sea defence with steps leading to the sand at regular intervals. Mostly, the beach is quiet and can feel as though you've got the place to yourself.


Location Map

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