Nam Rin Beach, Ban Chang

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Just like the other main beaches in Ban Chang, Nam Rin has a number of small restaurants dotted along its shoreline, unlike the others it has a number of public shaded areas with seating and well maintained toilets. 

As you drive to the seafront the road forks both left and right. Taking a right leads you past Romsons, a beach restaurant that has a great reputation locally. The road at this point can be tricky for larger vehicles to navigate, due to it being lined with a number of mature trees, this is compounded further by unusually high curbs either side of the narrow road. To the left the road is much wider, with a turning area at the far end. Beyond the turning area, there is a walled area of the beach known as Nam Rin Garden. Stepping through the archway in the wall, reveals a small viewing area facing out to sea, and several Manatee sculptures placed on a large boulder situated at the sea's edge. 

Location Map

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