Homemade pizza and steaks review ban chang Thailand

Homemade Pizza and Steaks Ban Chang Review

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Last updated on March 13th, 2018 at 08:29 pm

Homemade Pizza and Steaks Ban Chang

Having been given a recent recommendation by a friend I decided to head down to Homemade Pizza and Steaks Ban Chang. The whole family loves a good pizza and to be honest the few places I had tried already in Ban Chang, I could make better pizza myself at home. We were not disappointed, the pizza was easily the best we'd had since arriving in Thailand just over a year ago.

The Restaurant

Homemade Pizza and Steaks Ban Chang, is situated just before the main strip of bars on Soi 25, on the edge of a condo development. The restaurant exterior is done out in the colors of the Italian Tricolor Flag, inside the restaurant is small but tastefully decorated. The atmosphere was casual and informal, which is the best way to enjoy Italian food. 

Homemade pizza and steaks ban chang Thailand

The Service 

Upon arrival we were greeted immediate by the friendly staff, who were attentative but not overly pushy throughout the meal.  They also made a fuss of the kids and were generally chatty, which created a nice atmosphere in the restaurant. It was quite refreshing since I have been to a number of restaurants here in Thailand where the server hovers over you refilling your drinks after each sip, it's just awkward.  

The Food at Homemade Pizza and Steaks

We opted for the 16in pizza set which consisted of a 16in pizza, a portion of Loiusiana Chicken Wings, a Ham & Mushroom Spaghetti in Alfredo sauce and a bottle of Pepsi. 

The Appetizers

The wings and the spaghetti came out as appetizers, something that doesn't always happen in Ban Chang.  The spaghetti was nice and flavourful and the kids really enjoyed it, it wasn't much different form a lot of pasta dishes that i've had at other local restaurants though. The Louisiana Wings were fantastic! The chicken was crisp on outside and succulent in the middle. The perfectly cooked chicken was doused in a sticky Louisiana style bbq sauce which had just the right amount of heat to balance the sweetness of the sauce.

The Pizza

As I've already mentioned the pizza was the best I've had since coming to Ban Chang. We opted a half Pepperoni half Chicken and Bacon Club, and the quality of the toppings compared to loacal competitors was noticeable. The base was nice and thin and the crust had a slight chewiness to it, and best of all it wasn't greasy. 

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