Hat Nang Ram Beach Sattahip

Hat Nang Ram Beach Sattahip – The 20 Baht Beach

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Hat Nang Ram beach Sattahip, otherwise known as 20 baht beach is a large Navy operated beach on the Sattahip Naval Base. The beach itself is more of a large bay with a couple of beaches that are separated by a small rocky outcrop. The western edge is flanked by Sattahip Naval port, where the HTMS Chakri Naruebet, Thailand's Aircraft Carrier is usually moored, when not on exercises. At the eastern end of the bay is a large, tree covered rocky outcrop, which brings the beach to an end.

There is a 20 baht per person fee to enter the beach that goes toward the upkeep of  Hat Nang Ram.   

The Beach

As previously mentioned, the beach is split into two parts by a rocky outcrop in the middle. Both beaches are made up of extremely fine white sand and are backed buy an area of tropical evergreen trees that have been planted for shade. Beach goers can either hire seating (50 bhat per seat) of bring their own and set up camp for the day in the shade. The presence of Koh Nang Ram, a small island, around 500m offshore, provides stunning views of the gulf of Thailand.

The first section of beach as you enter from the west is by far the busiest, so if you're looking for somewhere a little quieter, you'd be advised to follow the road all the way to eastern end which is often much quieter. In general, weekends and public holidays are very busy, arrive early to get the best spots.

The Sea

The sea surrounding Hat Nang Ram is shallow for quite some distance and the cover provided by Koh Hang Nam creates calm and sheltered waters. The waters surrounding the beach are part of a marine reserve, which restricts the amount of boat traffic (and therefore anchors) to the beach. Because of this, just 20 meters off the beach there are corals, giant clams, fish, and snorkeling opportunities aplenty.

Things to do at Hat Nang Ram Beach

Aside from sunbathing and splashing in the sea, there are a number of things to do at 20 baht beach. Dotted along the beach are a number of stalls that where kayaks (100 thb per hour), inflatables, and seating can be hired. There is also a speedboat that tows small groups on inflatables up and down the length of the beach.

Food and Drink at Hat Nang Ram

Along both sections of beach, there are numerous small, take away restaurants all vying for your business. Most of them sell mainly seafood and a few Thai staples, such as Phad Krapow and Khao Phad Gai. Upon ordering you will be given a flag to plant in the sand next to where you are sat, and your food will be delivered when ready. If you prefer to sit at a table to eat, there is a larger restaurant with seating about halfway down the first section of beach.

Tip: About a kilometer before arriving at the beach, there are a number of roadside stalls selling, bbq chicken, salted Talapia, and accompaniments such as rice, corn and, Som Tam. Expect to pay around 200 thb for a whole roast chicken and a few side dishes. This is a fair bit cheaper than buying food at the beach, despite the prices at Hat Nang Ram being quite reasonable anyway.

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