Golden Mangrove & HTMS Prasae, Rayong

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Last updated on March 27th, 2017 at 04:39 pm

Golden Mangrove (Tung Prong Throng)

There are a few mangrove forests along the Rayong Coast, the 2,400 acre Golden Mangrove in Pak Nam Prasae is perhaps the largest. The mangrove itself has been developed as an eco-tourism site and is home to various species of rare bird, mud fish and crabs, although you have a better chance of seeing the wildlife if you take one of the long boat trips on offer at the entrance to the park.

Upon arrival there are a few privately owned car parks surrounding the entrance charging 20bht per car, entrance to the park itself is free but you can make a donation before crossing the bridge onto the walkway. 

The one kilometre wooden walkway meanders through the forest, providing spectacular views both beyond and underneath the canopy. Although most of the walkways and numerous viewing platforms are well maintained, one or two spots need replacing, so tread carefully. 

HTMS Prasae (Formally the USS Gallup)

Situated at the far end of the Golden Mangrove walkway, just a short walk across a car park, the decommissioned HTMS Prasae lies dry docked at the Prasae estuary. The ship itself was taken out of service in 2000, and is now a memorial. The vessel is open daily from 10.00 - 18.00 and you can access the ship via a stairway on the port side. There are no staff or charges and you are free to explore any areas of the ship that have not been padlocked to prevent access, some parts of the ship are decayed and rusted so take care when climbing the stairways etc. Many of the guns and instruments are still intact still bearing the original US markings. 

The HTMS Prasae is a WW 2 era, Tacoma class patrol frigate. It was first registered as the USS Gallup in 1944, and saw action in the Pacific war zone. In 1951 she was transferred to the Royal Thai Navy, where she served until she was decommissioned.   

Location Map

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