Panna Seafood restaurant Ban Chang

Panna Seafood Restaurant Ban Chang (ป้านอมซีฟู้ด)

Panna Seafood Restaurant Ban Chang Review Located at the far end of Phala Beach (opposite the municipal office), Panna Seafood Restaurant Ban Chang serves amazing seafood. The dining at Panna Seafood is very casual, in fact many of their customers are beach goers enjoying a day at the beach. Panna Seafood Restaurant  The restaurant itself […]

Sunset at Romson Restaurant Rayong

Romson Restaurant, Nam Rin Beach

Romson Restaurant Rayong Review Situated on Nam Rin Beach, Romson Restaurant (or Romson’s Restaurant) is well known locally for its great seafood and casual dining atmosphere, and is popular with both Thais and Ex-pats alike. Whilst they are known for their seafood, the restaurant also offers an extensive range of non-seafood dishes. The food is […]

The Ultimate Guide to Thai Street Food

In the West, the term street food has been hijacked by the hipster crowd, and if you’ve never been to Asia you’d be forgiven for thinking that what you get is the real deal. In Thailand, as in most of Asia, there is very little regulation regarding opening a restaurant, it’s as easy as strapping a […]

Phala Pier cafe and restaurant ban chang

Phala Pier Restaurant

Updated: January 7th 2018 Phala Pier Cafe and Restaurant Tucked away in the corner of Phala by Phala Pier, the restaurant offers great food and friendly service, all right on the ocean front. The casual atmosphere makes the place perfect for whiling away sunny afternoons with a cold beer, or an evening meal with the […]

Tamnanpar Resort Rayong

Tamnanpar Resort

If you’ve ever been to Koh Samet, you will most likely have taken a boat from Ban Phe in order to get to there. Situated less than 10 minutes away form Ban Phe, just off Sukumvit Road is Tamnanpar Resort.  Set in 120 acres of lush tropical forest,  Tamananpar Resort comprises of a sprawling resort […]