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Last updated on January 20th, 2017 at 12:53 pm

Although Ban Chang does have a large supermarket, a number of markets, and plenty of specialist shops, the nearest large shopping centres to Ban Chang are in Pattaya or Rayong. 


Central Festival Pattaya 

Probably the best mall in Pattaya, Central has most of the major European and North American chains, as well as plenty of great restaurants. On the top floor there is a large play area for the kids, where you can even hire ride on animals to explore. 

Harbor Mall &  Foodland

Whilst the shopping in Harbor Mall is not quite as good as Central, there are a good amount of decent shops and restaurants, including a floor dedicated to electronics and entertainment where there are a number of decent independent stores offering great prices. The top two floors of Harbour are great for entertainment for both children and adults, with a gigantic soft play area for the kids, a decent climbing wall, a trampoline play centre, and soon to be an ice rink. 

Adjacent to Harbor Mall, Foodland is a smaller supermarket that specialises in imported and western foods. Great for hard to find, imported food items. 

Mikes Mall

Situated on the sea front, Mikes Mall is primarily a clothing mall, and has plenty of independent retailers. 

Pattaya Outlet Mall

Pattaya Outlet Mall is a fairly small selling mainly clothing, although there are other shops here. Most of the larger brands such as Nike and Adidas are situated separate from the main part of the mall and can be reached by driving around the back of the main building. 


Makro is a large food wholesaler which is open to the public. Their freezer section is great for western favourites, such as frozen pizza, fish fingers, hash browns, etc. In addition to this they have a large selection of imported cheeses, and speciality meat products. 


Locations Map

Locations Map


Passione Shopping Destination

A great mall containing a good mixture of well know chains and independents, as well as plenty of lane style shopping. This mall is great if you want to explore some of the more Thai style retailers. Most of the fast food chains and restaurants are located on the ground floor, and there is a nice food court on the top floor, where you can pick up a meal for 50-60 baht. 

Central Plaza Rayong

If you want to go to a shopping centre that has everything you need, but don't want to drive all the way Pattaya, Central Plaza Rayong is a great destination. There is also a Big C (A French owned supermarket chain) on the opposite side of the road, which is connected by a pedestrian bridge in case you need to pick up groceries while you are there. 

Specialist Retailers in Ban Chang

There are plenty of specialist retailers around Ban Chang, finding them can be a little difficult if you're not fluent in Thai. Here you can find the locations of several retailers on the map opposite. 

Danish Bakery

Fishing Tackle Shop

Golf Shop

Locations Map

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