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Last updated on March 22nd, 2017 at 03:42 pm

Ban Chang

Nestled on the Eastern Seaboard, the district of Ban Chang lies between the well-known coastal resort of Pattaya and the popular island of Koh Samet. As a traveller, passing through Ban Chang town centre situated on Sukumvit road, you'd be forgiven for thinking that Ban Chang was just another bustling Thai working town. However, just a few Kilometres from the main town you will find everything from quiet beaches and great seafood restaurants, to Vineyards, Fruit Farms and even Water Parks. Its proximity (yet relative tranquillity) to Pattaya and Rayong along with its excellent transport links to other areas of Thailand and SE Asia, has made Ban Chang a popular destination for western ex-pats, retiree's and Thai tourists alike.

Our Story

We are a family of four living in the Ban Chang area on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand. Moving out here with no connections, and speaking very little Thai, we found it very frustrating trying to find family friendly things to do in and around Rayong where we live. Not speaking the language meant that finding fun things to do, often meant driving around until we found something to do. Gradually, as we made friends and got to know the area, we started to discover places that are awesome for families, yet not immediately obvious if you don't speak the lingo. Thai's tend to spend a lot of time and effort making wonderful attractions and then rely on word of mouth to attract visitors. So now, when we visit a place, we add it to the blog to share with the world.

This website is part chronicle of family life here and part directory of the very best of things to do in Ban Chang and surrounding areas on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand. 

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